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The Houndsley Brothers launch Forthglade's 'Clean Eating for Pets Campaign'

The Houndsley Brothers launch Forthglade's 'Clean Eating for Pets Campaign'

This week Forthglade has launched a national news campaign ‘Clean Eating For Dogs’ in a bid to get UK dogs healthier and happier.

Move over Hemsley sisters as The Houndsley Brothers, two chipper spaniels with a large appetite and great style (note their Hiro + Wolf bow ties) have put together "The Houndsley Brothers’ Guide to Clean Eating for Dogs, a fact-filled downloadable guide, designed to help dog owners understand the benefits of natural foods for dogs."

Forthglade say, "The trend for clean eating should not just be of interest for us humans, but for our beloved pets too. Poor canine diet leads to a poor association with mealtimes, fussy eaters, as well as lack luster coats, bad breath, unpleasant or irregular bowel-movements and even disease. Owners will be amazed by the changes in their dogs when they switch to clean, nutrient-dense dog food."

Get involved by sending images of your happy healthy pet at dinner time #CleanEatingForDogs @Forthglade @hiroandwolf



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