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Walkies with Wolf | Italianate Glasshouse Ramsgate

Walkies with Wolf | Italianate Glasshouse Ramsgate

Italianate Glasshouse

Picture from The Frustrated Gardener

Last Sunday arrived and so did the sun! The perfect weather for a beach adventure.

Wolfie is particularly fond of Dumpton Gap beach and being dog friendly all year round it is really one of the best beaches in Kent. Off we went. We got a little lost and took a right turn and quite by chance found a beautiful park – King George VI Memorial Park. This lush 22 acres of cool green trees and grass was originally a parkland belonging to East Cliff Lodge, the home of philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore until 1885.

In 1964 the local council bought the land and renamed it. Unfortunately most of the house has previously been demolished in 1954 but a little piece of the original dwelling remains and is now rented out as a holiday home.

We walked out of the park towards Dumpton Gap, along the grassy path and down onto the beach. Heading East along the sands we meandered past rock pools, excited dogs and happy walkers towards Ramsgate. We climbed a set of rough hewn stairs carved out of the rock face leading up to the cliffs edge where a stunning view of the English Channel glinted in the morning sun.

 Wolf paddling at Dumpton Gap

Once Wolf had enjoyed a good run on the beach we headed back through the park to discover the elegant, Italianate Glasshouse. After a large restoration project its ornate doors are now open to the public as a tea garden. Wolfie and I tucked into a delicious cream tea for brunch, after all that walking we thought why not!  

What a brilliant morning out.

Wolf enjoying a cream tea at the Italianate glasshouse tea rooms

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