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Water Saving Week | Ways Your Dog can Save Water

Water Saving Week | Ways Your Dog can Save Water

Water Saving Week is an annual online event aiming to raise awareness of the issues around water use. In the UK alone, we're using nearly twice as much water as we were 60 years ago. Saving water is about living more sustainably and adapting to climate change, which can save you time, money and protect our planet. Our pets can use a lot of water, but there are some simple tips & tricks that can help you and your pup cut down on your water usage...


Use a water fountain with a filter 

Using a pet water fountain that has a filter is a great way to help your pup conserve water. The filter helps keep the water clean for longer by filtering out loose hair, dog food and dust that inevitably finds its way into the water bowl throughout the day. The movement of the water also helps to keeps it fresh, extending its use for another day or so. 


Dispose of water wisely 

When it is time to empty your dogs water bowl, don't just throw the water down the sink! Instead, you can use this water for your houseplants, or on your lawn. This way, the water isn't getting wasted, even when it is no longer good for drinking. 


Be mindful at bath time 

Whether you bathe your dog indoors or outdoors, be mindful of how much water you are using. Turning off the water supply whilst you lather up your pooches shampoo is a great way to reduce the amount of water used. Another great option is to skip the bath all together an opt for an eco-friendly dog dry shampoo to extend the time between baths. If you take your dog to a groomer, try and find someone with water saving measures in place. 


Conserve outdoor water fun 

Most pups love playing in water, however setting up a paddling pool in your garden can waste a lot of water. If you do decide to do this, we recommend picking a small sized pool and making sure you cover it up when it's not in use to prolong the life of the water. When it is time to get rid of the water, make sure to use it to water your plants! An even better alternative is to take your dog swimming at a lake or river. Just ensure they are confident swimmers and you know that the area is safe fore them to swim. For water safety tips, visit the PSDA website here.


To learn more about Water Saving Week & for helpful tips and tricks on how to conserve water around your home, visit Waterwise's website here

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