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Ways to Recycle With Your Pet | Recycle Week

Ways to Recycle With Your Pet | Recycle Week

Recycle Week is organised annually by Recycle Now and takes place this year on 20th - 26th September. This one week of the year aims to unite individuals and companies with one common goal - to get us recycling more of the right stuff, more often. Here are some top tips for recycling for you and your furry friend...


Make DIY Toys From Recycled Materials

We have some great DIY options for turning old clothes and fabric into super fun toys for your cats and dogs! Did you know you can make a ragger toy from a single old T-shirt? How about a cat puzzle from an old toilet roll tube? Have a look at the full instructions here.


Recycle Animal Bedding & Waste 

Some local authorities will accept used hay, straw and sawdust bedding from vegetarian animals (such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs etc.) to be put in the Garden Waste collections, or accept it with garden waste at Household Recycling Centres. You can check with your local authority if this is possible in your area. Pet waste such as used cat litter should be bagged and put into the general waste as this cannot be recycled.


Collect Rain Water

Although collected rain water can’t be used as drinking water for your pets, why not use this water with safe, animal-friendly cleaning products to clean kennels, litter trays and any rubber or plastic toys? 


Recycle Old Bedding

Old pet blankets or beds made from fabric can be recycled with textiles at a recycling centre, plastic beds may be able to be recycled alongside plastic waste - be sure to ask an operative at your local recycling centre if this is possible. 


Recycle Old Paper

Shred old plain paper to make animal bedding for your small animals.  This will keep them snug during the winter months and save money as well. Old newspapers can also be used to lay on the floor instead of puppy pads when you have a new puppy to help clean up after any accidents. 


Donate Items you no Longer Need 

Any pet accessories, toys, treat or food that you have (that are in great condition!) can be donated directly to animal shelters to help look after the animals in their care. You could also donate items to animal charity shops to help raise some much needed funds whilst giving your old items a new lease of life! 

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