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What Information to Put on Your Cat's ID Tag

What Information to Put on Your Cat's ID Tag

An ID tag is one of the most important things you will ever buy for your cat! Your cat's tag should serve 3 main purposes. Number 1, it shows members of the public that your cat has a loving home and isn't a stray that's in need of shelter or food. Number 2, your cat's tag should verify their identity should they go missing. There should be some details on there that lets someone know they have spotted the right cat should yours go missing. Number 3, your cat's ID tag should have your contact details on so that the 2 of you can be reunited if they go missing. We know fitting everything onto a tiny tag can seem pretty daunting, so here's how to decide what is essential...


Your telephone number 

Of all of the information you might want to include, we think your telephone number is the most important. This allows members of the public to contact you quickly and easily if they find your cat and to alert you if your cat is hurt or needs urgent care. Make sure this number is up to date and is the one you're most likely to be able to answer (not a home landline if you're at work all day!) If you don't want to use your own phone number, speak to your vet as they may be happy for you to list their number instead. 


Your Address 

If your cat escapes or gets lost there is a good chance they will stay in the local area. An address will enable people in your area to identify your cat as local, and potentially bring them straight home. However, many people would not be comfortable picking up a strangers cat from the street, so if you do include an address just bare this in mind. 



Your Cat's Name 

Many people choose to put their cat's name on their ID tag as a personal touch and to allow anyone who finds your cat to verify that it is them. However, there is a small risk that if your cat was stolen, knowing their name can make it easier for someone to convince the microchip company that the cat is actually theirs. 


Your Surname 

Including your surname on the tag allows people to cross-reference your cats details with any missing posters without any of the risks of including your cat's name. 


Extra Information

It can be useful to include extra information on your cat's ID tag if there's things about them that are important for people to know. This may include things such as "do not feed me" if your cat is on a special diet, "I'm chipped" or "I'm neutered" can help dissuade cat thieves, "indoor cat" if your cat isn't supposed to be outside and "I'm allergic to __" if your cat has any allergies. 


With our range of pet tags, you can choose exactly what information you want to include as they are fully customisable. Shop the range here

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