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Which Hiro + Wolf Print is Right For my Pet?

Which Hiro + Wolf Print is Right For my Pet?

Have you ever wondered what the perfect colour is for your pet to wear? The perfect collar colour depends on your pet's coat colour, and it's easier to work out than you might think! First you need to determine whether your pet has a warm or cool toned coat, take into account whether their fur is light or dark, and then you can find the perfect colour & print to compliment them...


Warm or Cool?

Warm and cool colours are determined by splitting the colour wheel diagonally. Colours such as yellows, oranges and reds are considered warm colours while blues, greens and purples are considered cool colours. Your dog’s coat will fall into either the warm or cool category. The only exception are black, white and grey coat colours which are considered neutral. Some examples of warm dog coat colours are brown, tan and chocolate whilst cool coats will be blue or lavender. It is also important to note whether your dog has a light or a dark coat. If it's light you should shop for dark collars, if their fur is dark then you should get a light coloured collar. 



Picking the right colours

After you have determined if your dog’s coat is a warm or cool colour you can narrow down your search while shopping. To best compliment your dog, you should look for collar colours that are opposite on the colour wheel to your dogs fur. So if your dog’s coat is a warm colour, shop for cool coloured dog collars such as blues, greens and purples. If your dog’s coat is a cool colour, shop for warm coloured dog collars including reds, oranges and yellows.


Best for black dogs

As black in a neutral colour, picking a collar for a black dog is super easy as they can wear just about anything! Generally, brighter and bolder will look best. We recommend our Kente print as it is a vibrant print with a bold, block pattern. Traditionally found in Ghana, Kente cloth is also popular across West Africa. When visiting Senegal, our Head of Adventure, Bee, chose this bold, block patterned design as it reminded her of fond visits to the fabric markets in Ghana. Other great options for a black dog include Dakar & Over the Rainbow.


Best for white dogs

Much like black dogs, white dogs also have neutral coloured fur, meaning they can wear pretty much anything! We find pastel colours look the best, and an intricate pattern really pops against their solid-coloured fur. We think our Nebula print is perfect for all snow white pooches as it combines a warm & cool colour palette that looks great against white fur. This soft pink and royal blue galaxy inspired print was hand illustrated by our co-founder, Amy. Our other favourite prints for white pooches include New York! New York! & Fireworks


Best for brown & brindle dogs

Brown dogs have a warm coloured coat and therefore look best in cool toned dog collars such as blue and green. We think our Eyes print is perfect for pups with brown fur as the vibrant blue and graphic print really stand out against their fur. Inspired by the all seeing eye, a symbol of protection in many cultures, celebrating the loyalty and bravery of our furry friends. This bold print is hand illustrated and printed onto a bright ultra marine background. Also great options for brown dogs are Wizard of Dog & Inca Blue


Don't forget; the most important thing is making sure your dog is wearing a well-fitted, comfortable collar that you and they love! 

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