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Hiro + Wolf
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Wunderdog Interview: H+W Colourful Canines with Style

Wunderdog Interview: H+W Colourful Canines with Style

We were delighted to be interviewed by Wunderdog recently. We were met at our Hind Quarters by Edward the photographer and his lovely other-half, Francesca. Hiro + Wolf were on their best behaviour and had their best H+W attire on, too. We are thrilled with the results and absolutely love the shots! Take a look at the article here, written by Naomi Bikis, editor, writer and part time potter.

Wunderdog is a playful magazine curated by a good bunch of like-minds for good dogs and good humans, and as taken from their website, "if a dog playing in a mud puddle would launch an independent magazine, it would be Wunderdog."
The magazine 
was launched online in August 2016 by Nina May, a writer and editor, for her dog Pippa, a senior rescue collie cross. A printed quarterly magazine will be published from NE London, too.

Wunderdog is a lighthearted magazine dedicated to the happiness of dogs and the happiness that dogs can teach us, in appreciation of the simple things.
We like their philosophy.

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