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10 Signs That Your Dog Loves You
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10 Signs That Your Dog Loves You

It is no secret that here in the UK we are a nation of dog lovers, in fact 31% of UK adults own at least 1 dog with an estimated population of 10.2 million pet dogs residing here! Often hailed as man's best friend, how can we truly know that our canine companions love us back? Well, it's actually quite simple! Here are 10 ways that your dog shows you that they love you...


They get excited when you get home

One of the sure signs your dog loves you is their reaction to you arriving home. Does your dog wag their tail, jump up, whine, bark or maybe even spin in circles? All of these things are signs of excitement, showing that your dog is happy to have you home. 


They follow you around 

Dogs are pack animals, and will stick close to other members of their pack. By following you around, your dog is showing that they trust you and that they want to be in your company. You make them feel safe and so they love spending time with you. 


They want to sleep near you

Dogs are social creatures, and as such they prefer to sleep next to those that they love. Plus, it's a great sign that they trust you! Dogs are at their most vulnerable when they are sleeping, so the fact that they choose to be near you means you make them feel safe. 


They roll over for you

Your dog rolling over and showing you their tummy is a sure sign that they are happy and they love you. This is a submissive position for dogs to be in, showing that they feel safe in your company. It also shows that they love you enough to request a tummy tickle! 


They give you eye contact

Eye contact can mean many things, but dogs are naturally quite hesitant to make eye contact. So, when your pup chooses to look at you with soft relaxed eyes, they trust you. Think of it as a loving gaze!


They wag their tail 

Your dog’s tail can display a whole range of emotions, and whilst a wag doesn't always mean they're happy, there's a good chance that they are showing you they love you. If their tail spins round in circular motions, this is a sure sign that you are someone special. Similarly, if your dog greets you with full body wiggles, they're definitely showing you some love. 


They cuddle with you

Your dog can choose to find a comfy spot wherever they like, so if they choose to curl up with you, you should take that as a big compliment! This shows that your dog is actively choosing to be close to you and to spend time together. 


They give you kisses

Whilst some people find being licked by their dog a little bit gross, it is actually a great sign that your dog holds you in high regard. One of the reasons your dog may lick you is affection. They are ultimately seeking attention from you because they want to interact with you, and licking you is a very quick way to get your attention.


They happy sigh

Has your dog ever cuddled up to you and let out a big sigh? This is actually a sign of contentment, not them being rude! Next time your dog settles down, listen out to see if they happy sigh. 


They bring you gifts

If your dog likes to bring their favourite toy when they are greeting you, or even drops it at your feet whilst you're watching TV, these are good signs that they love you. Sharing the things that they care about with you is a great sign that they love you. 

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