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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Pet
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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Pet

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, everything is heart shaped and in shades or red and pink! And whilst this time of year is typically reserved for celebrating the significant other in your life, we think it is the purr-fect time to spoil your one true love - your pet! Our pets provide us with unconditional love 365 days of the year, we think it's time that they felt a little special. Here are some ways to show your pawfect pet how much you love them this Valentine’s Day...


Host a pawty 

Perfect for dogs who love to socialise and cats with lots of hooman friends, hosting a party is a great way to show your pet how much you care. Depending on your pet, you can invite their four-legged friends or their two-legged ones. If you have an energetic puppy, perhaps host a party with lots of time for play. For a less-sociable cat, host a movie night with a select number of VIP guests. 

You can go all-out with the decor, whether it is Valentine's themed or perhaps pick something that your pet really loves and use that as a theme. And don't forget the treats! You can buy treats you know your pet loves, or you could even make them some special pet-friendly cupcakes and biscuits. 


Bake Them a Treat

Who doesn't love to indulge on a treat for Valentine's Day? Whilst chocolates are definitely off the table for your pets, you can make them something even more special. 

There's a plethora of brilliant recipes online, ranging from simple biscuits to elaborate baked goodies. We even have some recipes here for you to try. Just be sure to double-check that all ingredients are pet-safe. Not all human foods are safe for cats and dogs, and some can be extremely dangerous. If you're unsure, it's best to leave something out or find another recipe. 

To top off your evening, you can even order pet-friendly wine to mark the occasion. Cheers!


Get Them a Furbulous Gift

Show your furry friend how much you care with the purr-fect gift. You could choose a new puzzle toy to keep them entertained, a comfy new bed to keep them cosy or a snazzy new collar so that they always look their best. 

Another wonderful gift for your pet is to make a donation to an animal shelter in their honour. You could pick a local centre or perhaps your pet was rescued from a specific shelter and you'd like to give something back. Either way, these organisations rely solely on the generosity of the public to help animals in need. You could make a cash donation, or donate basics such as toys, blankets, food and cat litter. You could even volunteer your time. 


Do Their Favourite Things 

Your pet won't know it's a special day unless you do something special for them! Pick one of their favourite activities to do together for Valentine's Day. Whether that's a stroll on the beach, a long game of fetch or just curling up on the sofa, make this activity extra-special. 

If your dog loves a hike, plan a route that takes them along all their favourite places and make a real day of it. Pack some of their favourite treats and spend some quality time together doing what they love. 

If your cat has a favourite sleeping spot, make it extra cosy with a hot water bottle, their favourite blankets and some soft cushions. Give them some peace and quiet and let them enjoy the best cat nap of their 9 lives!


However you and your pet choose to spend your Valentine's Day, we hope you have a fantastic time. This holiday is all about celebrating love, so don't forget to show your pet (and yourself!) some extra love. 

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