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6 Lesser Known Dog Facts We're Sure You Didn't Know
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6 Lesser Known Dog Facts We're Sure You Didn't Know


As pet lovers, we think we know all there is to know about our canine companions. However, there's definitely some facts about dogs you do not know! We have gathered some of the weirdest, lesser-known facts about dogs that we could find to share with you. Don't forget to break them out at the next pub quiz, or perhaps even share them on your next walkies to impress fellow dog lovers. Here's 6 facts we're sure you didn't know about dogs...



The world record for number of tennis balls held in a dog's mouth is 6. A golden retriever named Finley set the record in Canandaigua, New York, on February 23, 2020. As well as playing with tennis balls, Finley loves to swim and play fetch, according to his humans. 



Dogs like to poop aligned with the Earth's magnetic field. 2013 study found that dogs are very sensitive to variations in the Earth’s magnetic field and prefer to go number twos along the north-south axis. The study involved 70 dogs over the course of 2 years, in which every dog avoided pooping along the east-west axis altogether. The reason for this is still unknown.



Have you heard of the Chinook? One of the rarest dog breeds in the world, there are only about 100 born globally each year. Originally bred as sled dogs in New Hampshire in the US during the early 1900s. The Chinook is New Hampshire's official state dog.  In 1965, the Guinness Book of World Records listed the Chinook as the world’s rarest dog breed. And by 1981, there were only 28 Chinooks remaining. 



Almost all dogs can get sunburnt, but dogs with short or light hair, hairless breeds and those with fair skin are more susceptible. To prevent your dog getting sunburnt, try to avoid too much direct sun exposure and always make sure there is a shady spot available. You can also get doggy-safe sunscreen if your dog needs it. 



On 2 February 2023, Bobi was certified by Guinness World Records as the oldest dog to ever live. Bobi was a male purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo dog living in Portugal. Bobi sadly died in October 2023 at the purported age of 31. Bobi's humans attributed his long life to a "calm, peaceful environment" and diet of fresh food. 



Dogs eyebrows have evolved over time to be more expressive. According to several studies, dogs have developed facial muscles over years of domestication that allow their eyebrows to move inward and upward so they can better communicate with humans. And who can resist those puppy dog eyes? 

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