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Behavioural Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

Behavioural Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

Paying attention to your dog’s behaviour can help you better understand how they’re feeling in different environments, including a work environment. Offices could soon see the addition of a few tail-wagging friends today, Bring Your Dog to Work Day this June 21st.

Bringing your dog to work can be fun and exciting, but if your pup isn’t used to a busy space, then it could be overwhelming for them. Behaviours they might exhibit can be interpreted as  playful or afraid, and telling the difference is important to ensure they are content in a new place.

They might show a “play bow” if their tail is wagging and front end is lowered, with their mouth open and tongue exposed, meaning they are ready to be entertained.

However, if their lips are pulled back and ears are flat on their head, you should stay away and give them space.

Explaining your dog’s language is important, and Sainsbury’s Bank has created a guide below that details more pup expressions.

Dog behaviour Infographic from Sainsburys Bank

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