Creative Fitness Ideas for Pups

Creative Fitness Ideas for Pups

It’s time to appreciate our pets for National Pet Month, and while it’s easy to feed our dogs extra treats - and perhaps even human food - you might want to rethink those biscuits.

Research shows that an estimated 1 in 3 dogs are overweight, as 90% of dog owners admit to feeding their dogs cheese, cakes, crisps and other treats. 

That’s why it’s important to exercise your dog regularly to help manage their weight so they can lead a healthy and active life. 

Walking your dog daily is essential and great for their fitness, and even playing an indoor game of tug-of-war helps keep them active. 

But if you’re looking for something different to break up the routine, we have a couple of tips for exciting and unique workouts to try with your pooch.  

Outdoor exercises such as Disc Dog are not only fun, but strengthen the bond between owner and pet. If you enjoy cross country running, try Canicross where your dog runs alongside you. This exhilarating activity helps you both to get a workout in!

Just remember to consult a vet or dog care professional if you have any questions about how much exercise your dog needs.

These exercise ideas and more can be found in Sainsbury’s Bank guide to creative canine fitness.


Dog exercise Infographic from Sainsburys Bank

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