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DIY Recycled Pet Toys | Recycle Week

DIY Recycled Pet Toys | Recycle Week

Header image via Sew Historically


Recycle Week is an initiative held annually by Recycle Now. It aims to highlight the importance of recycling, as well as the number of creative ways you can recycle materials at home! Today we will be sharing some of our favourite DIY pet toys you can make by recycling materials you probably have at home. When giving your pet a new toy, always make sure to supervise their playtime and remove any broken toys from them.


Recycled T-Shirt Cat Wand by Battersea

This cat toy is perfect for your cat to plat with alone, or for you to play with them. Cats will love chasing this toy, and the jersey t-shirt material means they can really sink their teeth into it! It's also a great way to recycle old t-shirt that have holes in them or stains you can't get out. To make this toy you will need 2 t-shirts in different colours (or you can use 1 in the same colour). Then cut 4 long strips in total - the bigger the strips are, the larger your cat toy will be. Tie the 4 strips together and braid together by doing a 4-strand braid. Battersea have a video on this that is easy to follow along! Finish the toy with another knot at the end and you are done. 


Braided Denim Pull Rope by Sew Historically 

This is a great toy for strong dogs as the denim fabric makes them super durable. These toys are very simple to make, and with an old pair of jeans you could make a big batch of them to give to your friends or donate to an animal shelter too. This toy is so simple to make, start by cutting 3 strips of your denim that are approximately 2" by 30" and then braid the strips together, securing with a knot at each end. To make an even stronger toy, cut the denim strips from the seams of the jeans as it will be twice as strong. You can also pop this toy in the washing machine whenever it's looking a bit grubby! 


Octopus Ragger Toy by Battersea 

This toy is perfect for dogs who like to chase or play tug! To make this toy you will need an old t-shirt or sweatshirt - the thicker the material, the sturdier your toy will be. You will also need an old tennis ball. Start by cutting off the seam at the bottom of your t-shirt or sweatshirt. Cut this into 2 long strips and set it aside for later. With the rest of your t-shirt material, cut a large rectangle and then place your tennis ball in the middle. Roll up the ball inside the fabric tightly. Use the 2 strips of fabric from earlier to secure 1 end of the toy. Tie a few knots to ensure it is secure and then cut off the excess. Repeat on the other side. Cut the remaining t-shirt fabric on each end into 6 strips and make 2 braids on each end, securing with a knot. 


Cat Treat Puzzle Toy by Storey 

This easy to make toy is a great way to get your cat using their brain and engaging their hunting instincts - perfect for indoor cats. To make this toy you will need a toilet roll tube, scissors, your cats favourite treats and a pen (optional). Cut 2 or 3 holes along the tub that are just big enough for the treats to fall through. You can decorate the tube with a cat face or however you like! Fold down the sides of one end of the tube, pop some treats into the tube through the other end and then repeat to close the tube. 

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