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Gifts for Kittens | Gift Guide

Gifts for Kittens | Gift Guide

A-meow-zing gifts for the littlest kitties in your life! Choose from our vibrant range of lightweight pet tags, adjustable cat collars & handmade toys that are ideal for all the kittens in your life. Shop the full edit here.



Keep your newest family member safe with a customisable ID tag. Made from super lightweight metal, our colourful cat tags are as practical as they are stylish! The front side of the tag is printed with an original design, and the back is free to add whatever you like. Government guidelines suggest including your door number, postcode, and at least one phone number, but the choice is totally up to you.

Explore the collection here.



Help them get all that energy out with one of our fun cat toys. Playing with your cat is a fantastic oppawtunity to bond, while exercising their need to hunt in a non-harmful way. Designed to last, the soft, natural materials that our toys are made from means your cat can easily sink in their teeth without risk of injury.

Our favourite options for playful kitties are our Clawdia Crab Toy and Magic Star Toy



Don't get caught out by growth spurts by opting for an adjustable collar! Safe, stylish, strong, and vegan-friendly. The clever clip is designed to stay put inside but snap should your cat get caught, making them purrfect for adventurous kitties. Easily adjustable to fit kittens to big tomcats, the collars come with an engravable 'Hiro + Wolf' pet tag for emergency details and a little jingly bell to warn and protect birds and wildlife.

Our current fave prints are Mud Cloth and Starry Night 

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