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How to Settle a New Puppy at Night

How to Settle a New Puppy at Night

It is such and exciting time getting to know your new puppy, learning their likes and dislikes, watching their personality emerge. However, the new sights, sounds and smells can be very overwhelming for your new best friend, which can often mean they find it difficult to settle overnight. It's important for you and your pup to learn the best methods that work for you, so that you can both have a peaceful night's rest! Here's some of our top tips to help you both get your beauty sleep...



For the best chances of getting your puppy to settle on their first night, make sure they have the following;

    • A blanket or soft toy with the scent of their mum and/or siblings on it. It is a good idea to leave an object with your pup's mum before collecting them so that the transition can be more comfortable. The familiarity of the object and the smell will bring them comfort and security, therefore encouraging them to get comfy and fall asleep.
    • A comfy bed. It may be tempting to invite your new pup into bed with you, but it is important that they learn to sleep independently. Make sure their bed is comfy and warm, and placed out of any drafts. 
    • A toilet break. Be sure to take your puppy out for the toilet before settling them for sleep. They will probably also need to go to the toilet during the night, so either provide them with puppy pads or be prepared to take them outside. 
    • Lots of fun during the day. Make sure you have played with your puppy and kept them busy during the day. A stimulated mind becomes a tired one when the sun goes down! Just make sure you wind down a couple of hours before bed time. 


Good Luck! 

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