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Introducing Pre-Orders | Plus Our Latest Print

Introducing Pre-Orders | Plus Our Latest Print

Our latest collection Rainbow Stripe has just launched! Bright, bold, they never look old - stripes are a constant crowd pleaser, just like your four-legged best friend. Hand drawn in a rainbow of colours, Hiro + Wolf's unique striped fabric is given movement with upbeat dots, dashes and zig zags complimented with racing green Italian leather. Printed onto organic cotton in the UK, this vibrant design for cats and dogs is sure to energise playtime and walkies.


Alongside this vibrant new collection, we are introducing a new way to shop Hiro + Wolf. Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do as a brand, and moving forward we have made the decision to release our collections on a pre-order basis.


What is a pre-order?

Upon the release of a new collection, we will offer our customers the opportunity to purchase their items at a discounted price. This early bird discount is only available for a short time, and after that window pre-orders will return to full price. As our collections are all limited runs, pre-ordering guarantees that you will be able to purchase every piece that you want. 


Why are we doing this? 

More and more brands are introducing pre-orders as they are a great way of minimising waste. As a sustainable brand, it is important to us not to waste any materials which is always a possibility when producing stock. Pre-orders give us a good idea of the popularity of a print and allows us to keep costs and waste down by only ordering what we need. As an independent brand it's also helpful that we can raise some funds upfront to help towards producing the new collection. 


When will I get my goodies? 

Each pre-order listing will have a timeframe of estimated dispatch times. We will always do our best to reach these goals, however there is a chance items could be dispatched later (or earlier!) We will always keep you updated if anything changes. Usual shipping times will apply after the dispatch date, see more on that here


Click here to pre-order Rainbow Stripe.

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