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March Customer of the Month | @schnoodle_penny

March Customer of the Month | @schnoodle_penny

Introducing our customer of the month for March - Penny! Penny is an adorable schnoodle (that's a cross between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Poodle!) based in Kent. We chatted with her human, Rachael, to learn more about this adorable little fluffer...


What is Penny's favourite snack? 



How did you and your pooch meet? 

At a little farm in Lewes


Penny wears our old Kaleidoscope design - try Mud Cloth or Nebula instead


What is Penny's favourite hobby? 

Chasing squirrels and eating treats


What's your favourite thing about Penny? 

Her gorgeous face and love for cuddles



Does your dog go be any nicknames? 

Pen, Pennis the Menace, Pennifer 


Do you have a favourite dog friendly local business you'd like to shout out?

Victoria Paws (dog groomer), Viva las vegan (we love their puppacino), Duke of York in Tunbridge Wells and Little Fant Farm cafe. 


You can follow Penny's adventures on Instagram here.  

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