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May Customer of the Month | @fergusonsea

May Customer of the Month | @fergusonsea

Introducing our Hiro + Wolf customer of the month for May - Fergus! Fergus is a spirited 6 year old rescue pup from Romania, now enjoying life by the seaside with his loving hoomans and feline sisters. We absolutely fell in love with Fergus when we saw his adorable face pop up on our feeds and were very excited to get to know him better...



What is Fergus' fave snack?
Fergus's favourite snack is crab legs that he snaffles on the beach before we can stop him!


How did you and Fergus meet?

We met when he was dropped off at our house after his long journey from Romania. The first thing he did was race around our garden. Fergus is 6 years old and is a Romanian rescue dog. He was living on the streets until he was 4 and had a difficult start in life. Luckily now he is living his best life with his Hoo-mans and his feline sisters in his new home by the sea.


Fergus wears our Fireworks Dog Bandana 


What is your favourite thing about Fergus?

Fave thing - Fergus's 'happy' bark which he does when he'! Also his super soft, fluffy fur. The charity we rescued him from said they sadly thought that Fergus's unique nose was the result of abuse he suffered. But then a couple of vets said he might have been born this way. Either way we love his quirky nose - the only downside for Fergus is that he sneezes a bit more than other dogs!

Does your pet go by any nicknames?

 Fergie, Fergal McHendry, Fergaldini, Dini, Dean, The Fergmeister General, Our Guy, The Lad.



Do you have a favourite pet friendly local business that you would like to shout out?

Shout out to... @luciasdoggroomingsalon @collareddog @badgeruk @booyah_vitality & Pet Express Hastings!


A huge thank you to Fergus & his hoomans for taking the time to chat with us. See our previous 'customer of the month' interviews with Roy here, Chai here & Penny here. If you'd like to be featured as our 'customer of the month', make sure to tag us in any pics of your pet enjoying their Hiro + Wolf goodies on Instagram @hiroandwolf and use the hashtag #WearsHiroAndWolf (you may even win a £25 H+W voucher too - more on that here!)


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