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Meet & Greet - Robyn Donaldson & Dogs

Meet & Greet - Robyn Donaldson & Dogs

We catch up with Robyn Donaldson, instagram sensation, interiors expert and mother of two Bedlington Terriers, Cilla and Bobby to find out her top tips for creating a beautiful, pet-friendly home.

1. Can you tell us at the story of your instagram account @almost_everything_off_ebay what inspired you start and how has your life changed since it’s grown to such a large following? Any highs / lows you want to share?

So I started to feel guilty about posting endless photos of our house renovation on my personal feed, especially as we did up a flat, moved and started all over again within three years. I decided to pop it all in one place so that people who were actually interested in that kind of thing could see plus it's kind-of a little scrapbook for us of the changes that have happened. I didn't ever anticipate it getting so big for a second! I think it's not changed that much, except that I'm constantly feeling guilty that I forget to reply to DMs (I'm literally awful, if I don't reply the second I read it, I forget). And sometimes I get given lovely things which is amazing. But mainly it's just me showing off about my house as I was when, like, 50 people were following.   


2. We can’t stop swooning over the gorgeous interiors pictures taken in your flat. What are your top tips for maintaining a fabulous and dog-friendly home?


That it only looks like that then 0.5% of the time when you're photographing it! It's very often a tip. I think we've taken the approach of not having anything really expensive that could get ruined within their reach. Rugs are cheap or vintage cos there will always be accidents. The chairs are covered in a array of doggy blankets so they don't get too muddy. Try to make sure you have storage for the miscellaneous crap that comes with them and also keep an eye out for things for the dogs that you dig. There's beautiful beds and crates etc on offer so you needn't have something out of keeping - just get ready to google! 

beddlington terrier on stairs in beautiful home

3. We adore your two pups can you tell us a little about their personalities and every day life with them?

They are complete opposites! Cilla is an ex breeding bitch we rehomed so is really skittish and nervy. She's also massively emotionally needy but a really sweet girl and her and I are a little bit codependent. She's much better now than when we got her a year ago though so she'll play with toys and isn't terrified of traffic or pedestrians etc. Bobby has really brought her out of herself. Bobby is the opposite, he's fearless and stubborn and really independent. He's also always up to something which we hope he'll grow out of cos he's a puppy but who knows!  

4. What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend / days off?

Going to Crystal Palace park with the dogs and then meandering back via the Horniman Museum. 

5. Have you got any favourite instagram accounts we should be following right now?
So many @the_idle_hands and @thecrapflat are great as is and @malmo_and_moss . For dogs and decor @enbrogue@mizzknits and @meganellaby are fantastic and @sara.pascoe just got the cutest puppy!

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