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Meet Kitty Forbes aka KittyDrawsDogs

Meet Kitty Forbes aka KittyDrawsDogs

Hello! I'm Kitty from Kitty Draws Dogs, it's safe to say that I truly LOVE dogs. Having grown up with 6 dogs it seems fitting that I now have a dog based business. I live in East London, with my boyfriend and whippet Margo. I spend the majority of my day looking at and drawing dogs, to me I don't think it will ever get old. I studied at Leeds College of Art doing printed textiles and surface design, once I left uni, I had many odd jobs but eventually came back round to what I was good at, drawing. I absolutely love reading, especially Japanese translations, one of my dreams is to spend a few months in Japan, so immersing myself in these books feel like one step closer to this life goal! 



How long have you been making your adorable dog portraits?

I have been drawing dogs for about 5 years now, it all started as a hobby and then eventually it became my full time job. 


What inspired you to start making art of dogs rather than any other subject matter?

I have always had a soft spot for dogs, I grew up with lots of them around and it was glorious. Having done pet portraits for a few years, I decided to have a bit of a shake up and rebrand. Dogs have been the most popular over the years so I just thought why not specialise in them. I do love to draw other animals too though! 



What is the process for creating your artworks?

It all starts with a picture of your dog. Once we have chosen the right photo I will start with a preliminary pencil drawing, this will be quite rough but helps me to get the perspective of the dog. I always start with the nose and work my way out, each new shape I draw feels like I am fitting puzzle pieces together. Once I have got the nose and eyes looking just right I start to fill in the rest of the dog, usually the ears comes next and I finish with the neck. I like to leave it for a day and come back to it with fresh eyes to make any needed adjustments. 


Can you tell us more about your dog, Margo? 

Darling Margs, she's such a babe! She is a mega chiller, and sits under my desk while I work. It's so lovely to look under my desk and see her snoozing or more often just staring back at me. She's at her happiest sitting in-between me and my boyfriend Hugh. She's a massive flirt in the park, and enjoys zoomies with dogs who can't catch her, and is completely obsessed with footballs. Some might say she's needy but I think she is perfect, who doesn't want cuddles with their dog?!


Portrait of Margo by @youandthedog 


What is your favourite part about making dog portraits? 

It's all about capturing each dogs unique character, each drawing brings a fresh challenge. It is just so satisfying when you get it just right and the dog staring back at you is the same one from the picture. 


What is your favourite piece you have ever made? 

It has to be Janet the Basset Hound, my largest drawing to date (25x25 inches). It shows such personality and it was one of my first contemporary multicoloured commissions. 



How can someone get their own dog portrait? 

The best way to get in touch is via It's super easy to order through my website or if you would like to discuss what you have in mind before you make your order do email, call or DM on Instagram. I love hearing from you and working out what will work best for each client. 


What is your favourite Hiro + Wolf print?

I LOVE the Wizard of Dog design, that patterns and colours are just right and it's such a cheerful print, it makes me want to jump inside to the magical world.



Is there anything else you'd like to share?  

I have collaborated with the Elephant Academy and will be doing a draw your dog online zoom class at the end of October and another one in January 2022. This class is for all levels and will explore the dog form. 


A huge thank you to Kitty for taking the time to chat with us! You can find out more about her artwork and commission your very own dog portrait by visiting her website here


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