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Hiro + Wolf
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Meet the Boys | Hiro + Wolf

Meet the Boys | Hiro + Wolf

Our co-founders Amy and Bee met by chance whilst walking their dogs in London Fields Park in Hackney back in 2010. This was how Hiro + Wolf was born, but also how a beautiful friendship between 2 pups blossomed! Whether it's going on an epic adventure, or snoozing in a shared bed, Hiro and Wolf are inseparable! We thought we'd take this time to introduce you to our 2 fluffiest employees... 



Name: Hiro
A.k.a.: Puffle
Breed: Shiba Inu
Occupation: Head of Comfort Testing
Likes: Sashimi, windy days on the beach, sunny spots in the garden.
Dislikes: People trying to touch me, being woken up mid meditation.
Favourite Treat: Mackerel skins and beetroot
Favourite Hiro + Wolf PrintOver the Rainbow
Party Trick: P-leease, I am far too intelligent and busy sleeping for that and I don’t care if you have treats. 
Can be found: Snoozing in my bergere armchair in the south facing window of my Victorian terrace.
Life Motto: Live slow, die old.



Name: Wolf 
A.k.a.: Wolfie, Piggy, Porkie, Sir Arthur Charles Bogglington the 3rd, Snorkus
Breed: Cocktail of Terriers
Occupation: Supermodel and Director of Snooze, Treat Tester
Likes: Food, Sleeping, Sniffing bottoms, Chasing the hoover
Dislikes: The Hoover, Fireworks, Rain and Thunder
Favourite Treat: Carrots and air dried anchovies - yum!
Favourite Hiro + Wolf Print:  Red Shuka for Winter and Combs for Summer
Party Trick: Looking very needy and shaking when there is food anywhere around so eventually some makes it his way
Can be found: In bed or hanging around the Treats
Life Motto:  Eat, Snooze, Repeat

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