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Meet the Dog Mum: Charlie & Pops

Meet the Dog Mum: Charlie & Pops

Fellow escapee's to the East Coast, Charlie and Pops Sausage recently moved a few miles inland from us in Margate to the picturesque Kentish town of Faversham. We remember the first picture we saw of Pops on instagram wearing one of our most outlandish Safari print bandanas with a pair of round, rose-tinted sunnies - in short we knew this was our kinda pup! For (Dog) Mother's Day we interviewed his hooman Charlie about life with one very snazzy sausage dawg!


What was Pops like when you first met? 

Sadly I didn’t get to see puppy Pops. I rescued her from a puppy farm at 3 (ish) years old. She was timid and afraid of the world but quickly realised I was her safe place and we were stuck like glue. She proved to be an absolute little fighter and it’s been a pleasure watching her flourish over the years as she’s gained more and more confidence. (A little too much at times!). 

pop sausage, puggy smalls and pomegranate wearing Hiro + Wolf dog bandanas

What's your favourite thing to do together or place to go? 

 Pops is very lazy but also very curious and loves to people watch. She loves coming out on adventures in the city or walkies on the beach with our other two pooches, Puggy Smalls and Pomegranate. As long as she has her carry bag with her for when she demands a diva break, she’s happy. Pops really enjoys coming to restaurants and pubs and she’s super well behaved, she knows that good girls get snackies! 

autumn dog walk

What do you like most about Pops? 

I just utterly adore Pops. She’s brave, bold and sassy, Mumma’s little pocket rocket! 

What do you think Pops loves the most about you? 

I always joke that I’m an overbearing dog mum and that Pops rolls her eyes in embarrassment, but I know deep down the love is very mutual. I think Pops sees me as the person that rescued her and will always come to me for comfort, support, safety and a heap of embarrassing smooches. 

pop sausage and mum charlie

What do you think Pops would give you on mother's day? 

She’s pretty self-centred so it would have to be something that benefited her too. Perhaps a matching mother/doggy-daughter scarf and jumper from Hiro + Wolf! 

Follow the stylish escaped of Pops Sausage on instagram.

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