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Meet the Dog Mum: Siggy the Iggy

Meet the Dog Mum: Siggy the Iggy

Tara and her whippet Siggy have cute written all over them and also seriously know how to strut their stuff down the dog walk as we discovered at our annual Festive Fundraiser Fashion Show last December. This instagram sensation knows how to live the good life and so we got snuggly with her hooman to find out more about their favourite things to do together.


1) What was Siggy like as a puppy?

We met Siggy when she was just a small puptato. She was in a litter of 3 (her siblings are now called Humphrey and Minnie) and we felt an instant bond with her. She was so confident and happy to be snuggled. Also, she was the biggest in her litter!

When we finally brought her home, it was as if she knew it was home straight away. We made her sleep in her own bed at night… for the first few months... Our bed is now her kingdom. 

Siggy was such a funny puppy. Until she was around 6-months-old, she would always trot off with other couples in the park. She had to say hello to EVERYONE. She LOVED chilling in her bag. Because we brought her home in Winter; she had to wear multiple layers and we made her a hot water bottle to pop in her bag when we went out. 

I wish we took more photos of her when she was tiny. She looked even more Elfish with her Dumbo ears. She’s grown into such a sleek and elegant little lady.

tara and siggy at the fashion show

2) What's your favourite thing to do together or place to go?

Napping. We love to snuggle in bed together with a hot water bottle. I’m the big spoon, and Siggy is the little spoon. She can sleep anywhere, but a warm bed is her ideal napping spot.

A close second is the park, of course. Letting Siggy off the lead to sprint is something to behold. She’s so fast! She specifically chases dogs with shorter legs because she likes to show off!

3) What do you like most about Siggy?

I love how Siggy sees joy in the little things in life. She gets excited by the sound of you preparing food, or even just seeing you walk through the door. She loves napping, snacks and snuggles. If I provide those things for her; I get sloppy kisses in return.

tara and siggy the iggy

4) What do you think Siggy loves the most about you?

I can’t read her mind, but if I had to guess: it would be my tenderness. I make sure she knows how much I adore her, and I can see how much joy it brings her. Her little tail wiggles whenever I greet her!

5) What do you think Siggy would give you on mother's day?

She would give me a fluffy blanket for us to snuggle under together. 


Thank you Tara! Follow the sleek and stylish Siggy on Instagram.

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