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Meet the Makers Behind our *NEW* Felt Collection

Meet the Makers Behind our *NEW* Felt Collection

Our new felt collection of toys and beds are handmade by skilful Nepalese women and artisans using their native and traditional techniques. This small, independent workshop started out by hiring and training just a few women but has now grown to have well over 300 craftspeople working with them.  



Over 97% of the workshops employees are female, working in roles from production to shipping to marketing. Every employee receives training, earns above average wages and has a safe and appropriate working environment that motivates everyone. By purchasing from this collection, you are directly supporting the preservation of artisanal handicrafts, and generating employment for marginalised communities. 



A safer and eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic toys, our felt toys are made from 100% pure New Zealand wool. Designed to last, the soft felt means your pet can easily sink in their teeth and shake their toy without risk of injury. Without the dangers of splitting plastic, you can rest knowing their delicate gums won’t be harmed. No chemicals were used in the process, making our felt toys perfectly safe for your pawfect best friend!

Shop our Felt Collection now.

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