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National Pets & Kids Day | Meet Hiro & Maxi

National Pets & Kids Day | Meet Hiro & Maxi

National Kids and Pets Day is an annual event that started in 2005. It was set up by mother and pet lover Colleen Paige to highlight the positive impact pets can have on a child's life. There are lots of great reasons for a child to have a pet companion – the biggest reason being that a child who is shown how to be compassionate towards pets is very likely to carry that compassion on into adulthood, in both their behaviour towards animals as well as people. To find out more, visit the National Kids and Pets Day website. We sat down with our co-founder, Amy, to find out more about her life with pets and kids...

Can you briefly introduce Hiro & Maxi? 
Hiro is a free spirited Shiba Inu who came into my life 12 years ago. We've had so many adventures together and we love him to pieces. Maxi is Hiro's hooman brother, he's such a sweet boy who is into everything right now (especially Hiro!) and he'll be turning 1 year old very soon.
How was their first meeting? 
We brought Maxi home from the hospital and Hiro had a little sniff then lay down next to his carrier as if to say, 'don't worry guys, he's part of the pack and I've got this'!
What is their relationship like now?
Hiro was initially a little wary of Maxi once he started moving around but now he's gotten used to having his ears pulled and having something else that moves as fast as him on four limbs. There are plus sides too... Hiro has gotten really into sleep training and goes to bed at the same times as Maxi every day(!) and most rewardingly (for Hiro) he has become very skilled at begging for scraps by Maxi's highchair!


What is your favourite thing about seeing Maxi & Hiro together? 
It's been so sweet watching their relationship change. Maxi's eyes light up whenever he sees and it makes me so happy that Hiro is helping to teach him to love and respect animals.
Was there anything you were worried about before introducing the pair? 
It was a big change for Hiro at 12 years old so we were definitely concerned about how he would take it but we needn't of worried.
What is the cutest moment Maxi & Hiro have shared with each other? 
When Maxi was a baby Hiro used to come and give him little toe licks which was just so cute!

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