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Our British Made Pet Toys | Meet the Maker

Our British Made Pet Toys | Meet the Maker

We first met Cheyenne at our stall on Broadway Market many years ago. A loyal customer to both our brands we would see her name pop up on orders but only recently did we learn about her many talents. Crocheted toys started to pop up on our instagram feed and only when we reached out about a collaboration did we put two and two together and realised that Cro-chey was Cheyenne! We've been working with Chey for around 2 years now, and we thought it was time to re-introduce you. Chey crochets all of our pet toys by hand at home in Cornwall, under the watchful eyes of her pets. As well as creating a new Jubilee range of toys for us, she's also recently had some exciting new additions which she has told us all about below...


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself & your life at the moment? 

Well, a lot has changed since the last time. We welcomed a bouncing Lakeland Terrier pup called Todd into our home. He’s 9 months old now so we’re in full swing of the naughty puppy stage. He’s settled in very well and Luna loves him which is very comforting. He most definitely loves her more than she loves him however. Omally (our cat) is still on the fence re Todd. & I’m expecting a baby girl! Due November 3rd. Jack and myself are very excited to meet our newest arrival. The pregnancy has been tough with lots of sickness but I plan to use my maternity wisely as it will be the first time I can completely focus on my CroChey toys. So things are very exciting here for me at the moment. 


We know you studied a fine art degree at Chelsea College of Arts UAL, has making always been your passion? 

Absolutely always. I always had a wicked imagination as a child and it’s always been expressed through an arty outlet. I knew from the age of 6 I wanted to go to university to study art and that wish never changed, I’m very stubborn haha! 



What inspired you to learn crochet and pursue it alongside your day job? 

It was sort of an accident. Friends and family were having babies and asking me to make things for them, as they maybe wanted a mobile or a toy but couldn’t quite find what they wanted. The more I explored and made the more people wanted them so I ended up making a instagram mainly for friends and it sort of took off, which I am so so grateful for. For crochet, that was mainly chance, it was the best medium for the task and people really loved the bold bright colours I used in the cotton, which was completely sustainable (win win). 


What is your favourite part about making our dog toys? 

The process, specifically the excitement of a new design coming in from Amy as I always love her work and it starts my creative brain on a rampage. 

So we start by Amy sending me a sample of her new design and her inspiration behind it, and I riff off of this and come up with designs I think suitable. Amy and Bee then choose a shortlist of designs they love and I begin working straight away to make samples of these to send off to them. The first samples are always the most exciting, and challenging sometimes but that’s what makes it so fun. For example with the jubilee toys, my own dogs were getting very excitable as I was making and that made me excited knowing we had a good design. 



How are Luna and O'mally since we spoke with you last? 

They are brilliant, O’Mally is and always has been my shadow. Usually found on the sofa cushion behind my head as I work purring away, and Luna is getting slowly older. She’s struggling to see and hear completely but she’s so full of life and love. 


What was your favourite design to make from our Jubilee toy collection?

That is a very tough question, but I think it has to be the Sceptors Orb. Mainly because I got to go wild on my slightly kitsch decor, and I mean, it’s a ball. They’re always the favourite right! 


What would be your dream crochet project?

I mean, anything dog or baby/child related and I’m there. 


We know you share many of our brands core values, why do you think it's so important to support British made goods?

Oh it is SO important! 

Supporting a small independent maker especially, your purchases directly impact that maker and or business, as well as supporting the British economy. As well as giving a huge confident boost to the maker, you’re probably going to get a better product, you’re investing in a skill, a craftsmanship, usually that has been passed down generations. When you buy British, you can be sure that the maker who has worked hard to make those products have been compensated fairly for their labour. 

If it’s made in Britain it’s more sustainable and eco conscious as it has zero air miles, most things we do consume do have a hefty amount of air miles so when we can choosing British is really important for our carbon footprint also. You’ll find a lot of British makers prop each other up, by buying British you allow them to support each other and keep their products entirely British made. 



Do you have any key advice for people wishing to pursue a creative side hustle? 

I believe if you want it, something will find you. I didn’t know I would end up crocheting toys but here I am and I’m so happy. Take all chances and opportunity’s and when you get one of those, work really hard. Try to keep confidence in yourself and your skill, don’t undersell yourself and don’t loose hope if it doesn’t happen right away. 


What's your current favourite Hiro + Wolf print? 

Dakar, I don’t have any accessories in this print but I’m going to treat Luna to a new get up pre baby and a new hands free lead. So lovely and bright. 


The age-old question; cats or dogs? 

Age old reply (both)


Thank you so much Cheyenne! We are thrilled with our range of dog & cat toys and it's been wonderful finding out about the inspiration behind them. To see the collection of dog toys click here, and for cat toys click here.

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