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Our Shuka collar gets put to the test | by Dre'ke the Cavalier

Our Shuka collar gets put to the test | by Dre'ke the Cavalier

Every now and then we meet a new member of the pack who would like to take one of our products out for a spin. And we are always thrilled! There is no better quality checkers than our very own customers. Sixty long walks in the park, twenty muddy games of fetch and countless naps later, Dre'ke and his family tell us what they think of their new Shuka dog collar. 

"We received the Hiro + wolf Shuka Blue Dog Collar. It is a nice, bright, and colorful collar which perfectly match with Dré'kes fur. The colors are a combination of yellow, blue and green. It are not the colors you would combine right away, yet it gives a beautiful effect! To finish the collar they have used bright and luxury vegetable tan leather. Also the logo is very beautiful engraved in the collar! We use this necklace very regularly because it creates a nice look! We also do not see any damage after 2 months of use. 


Follow Dre'ke adventures on Instagram @dreke_thecavalier or take a look at his website for more fun inspiration. 

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