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Picking The Perfect Cat Collar

Picking The Perfect Cat Collar

When looking for a collar for your feline friend, all the choice can be a little bit overwhelming! That is why we have compiled this handy guide to help you pick out the perfect cat collar for you and your cat. As always, if you are unsure about what choice to make for your cat, we are always happy to help so please do get in touch. 

Classic Cat Collar 

Handmade in England using vibrant fabrics, designed by us and printed in the UK or sourced during our travels to East Africa. Lined with soft velveteen and fitted with an elastic safety strip to keep your kitty safe. These collars are easily adjustable to fit little kitties or big tomcats. Each collar is fitted with a small silver coloured bell attached to a small D-Ring that can also be used to hang an i-D tag from. These collars are generally most suited to cats that are less adventurous or who spend a lot of time indoors. For thrill-seeking felines we would recommend a quick release style collar. 


Quick Release Cat Collar

These cat collars are comfortable and secure for cats, with a breakaway fastening for avid climbers. They also are fully adjustable so fit all cats from small to large. Bright and durable, they have a removable bell, perfect for scaring birds away. This design also happens to be vegan as it does not feature any leather trimmings! Plus, £1 from the sale of every collar will be donated to local vegan animal sanctuary, The Retreat Animal Rescue. These collars are perfect for adventurous kitties, as well as those who like to hunt.  


Cat Harness

If you have a really adventurous feline - why not try taking them for a walk? These are a great option for indoor cats or those that have a lot of energy! Our fully adjustable cat harnesses are designed with thin straps to allow a full range of movements and prevent irritation. If you need advice on how to fit your cat for a harness you can have a look at our previous post here. And for our top tips on training your cat to walk on a lead, have a look at this blog post


Whichever style you go for, why not accessorise with one of our matching Cat Bow Ties or Cat Bandanas

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