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In our latest photoshoot we partnered with Graeme and his rescue dog Molly from Bloom & Burn to add beautiful floral touches to our photographs. Here we catch up with Graeme to find out how he started his successful floristry business, what trends we will be seeing in 2019 and the important role Molly plays in his life.

When did you set up Bloom + Burn and what made you decide to become a

Bloom + Burn started in January 2016. I had worked in TV for a long time
as a casting producer, finding contestants for shows like The Voice UK &
Big Brother. I loved working in TV but was always searching for something
more creative, after failed endeavours selling vintage furniture and setting
up a pickle business I decided to give floristry a go. I went on a short
business course at a flower school in Knightsbridge before working at the
brilliant JamJar Flowers for almost a year. I started getting asked to do
friends weddings and parties and decided to give it a go on my own and I
haven't looked back.

Where is the business based?

I run the business from a home studio (my back box bedroom) in Muswell Hill, North London. I'm in the process of converting my garage into a studio as the business has outgrown the house!

What kind of floristry services do you offer?

As long as there are flowers involved I'll do anything to be completely honest! We do lots of weddings as well as parties and events for brands, recently we have been doing more floral styling for editorial shoots, product launches and campaigns.

What has been your favourite event so far?

I think the flower chandelier I made for a music video has been my favourite thing so far. They used images from the shoot as the single cover and I still get excited when I see it on iTunes and Spotify. As a florist so many of my designs are just one night stands, they have to be broken down and removed the day after the event so to have one of my designs in a music video that has been viewed by people all over the world is mind-blowing for me.

no rome do it again
How would you describe your style?

I think my style is evolving at the moment, I was very much a country garden style florist when I started out, lots of wild arrangements with a lush meadow feel to them. I think there is still a lot of that in my work but I'm enjoying experimenting with dried flowers, tropical elements and playing with colours and textures in a way I was afraid to before.

Where do you get inspiration for your floral designs?

I get inspired in lots of different ways, mostly from visiting growers and the flower market. Seeing the flowers, being able to touch them, selecting stems that will compliment each other, all of these things help you to make creative decisions. Outside of flowers one of my favourite things to do is go to the cinema, I always pick up on the florals in films, Jackie starring Natalie Portman has the most beautiful displays and the wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians just blew me away, the flower installation was incredible, bold, beautiful a bit bonkers and totally over the top. You dream of being to be able to create designs like those.

Is it important to you to work with local and seasonal flowers and why?

It is really important for me to work with seasonal flowers where possible, I've been working with the team at Wolves Lane Flower Company in North London and there is something extra special about locally grown flowers. They have more personality than the ones that are flown in, they have a natural movement and little quirks, each one is unique. It's good to support other small businesses in the industry.

What is your favourite flower?

This changes all the time, but one at the moment, ranunculus are just starting to appear at the market and I find them very hard to resist. They have layers and layers of feather-like petals and unlike a lot of flowers they get bigger and better with age, they also die very beautifully!

molly bloom and burn
Your rescue dog Molly features heavily on your Instagram feed, what role
does she play within your life and business?

Molly is a huge part of my life, I've never had a pet before we got her from Battersea almost six years ago and I can't imagine life without a dog now. As I don't have a shop front It's important to be able to stand out on Instagram and Molly is a real talking point for clients and brides, the pictures of her wearing flower crowns I've made are my best performing posts by far. I love the days when we shoot together, she is so laid back, the perfect model, a few bits of dried fish and she'll just keep posing until I get the shot. Aside from that she is a huge source of comfort for me, working on your own can be stressful and isolating so having her with me all the time makes me feel like I have another member of the team, although she doesn't do the early morning market trips or clean the buckets, which are easily the worst part of the job.

Do you predict any upcoming floral trends for this year or next?

When it comes to wedding florals I'd love to see a move back into more colourful blooms, Blush has been so popular for the last few years but I do love adding a little bit of punch to my designs. I think the dried trend will continue to build, I can't wait for the day when a bride asks for a bouquet made completely of dried flowers.

g and molly from bloom and burn

Graeme and Molly wear our matching Paisley knitwear.

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