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STYLE | Marcel Le Corgi's Christmas Edit

STYLE | Marcel Le Corgi's Christmas Edit

This' the time for giving. As we put together our gifting lists, we caught up with friend of the house and Insta-doggy extraordinaire Marcel Le Corgi, and asked him what he's gifting his friends for Christmas. Read on and discover what he's picked for each special doggy in his life. 

1. The Fireworks Cat Collar, £15, for his friend Chloe

"Chloe was adopted from a rescue by good friends of my parents and I. She stayed with us on my 'gotcha' day during Bonfire night, and even though the sentiment was not mutual, I did try very hard to make friends with Chloe. She is the one who got away"

2. The Inca blue Bandana, £18, for his "mentor" Jasper Islington.

Jasper lives in Washington DC and Marcel dreams of meeting him one day. Their humans take them on adventures together via a "flat" printed version of themselves (aka Flasper and Marplat) and they were photographed like this at the Machu Pichu in Peru two years ago, thus the choice of the Inca style. "We often "twin" virtually by taking similar pictures each at our ends of the world, so I thought we could twin in matching Inca bandanas one day. It would be great fun!"  

3. The Holly green Reflective Flower, £8.50 for the prettiest flower of all, Jodie the corgi.

"Jodie is an ex-breeding dog and was rescued a few years ago. My mum fell in love with these flowers since we received one in our goodie bags at the corgi tea party at Sketch back in 2016. "

4. The Fireworks hound collar, £42, for his friend Chaplin.

Marcel loves playing with this handsome rescue saluki. "We had the chance to photograph together with our humans this Summer, and it was such fun. The collar would look perfect on Chappers' long and elegant neck, I think."

5. The Botanical Shuka blue Cafe Lead, £45, for Teddy

This adorable cross-breed belongs to one of our favourite and most supportive Instagram fans Lindsey, from the US, who we would love to meet in person one day. Marcel absolutely loves Scotland and its unspoilt scenery and open country fields to explore. We are planning a visit very soon, hence the choice of this tartan design. 

6. The Hoxton Dog Jumper, £45, for his UK Corgi Club Co-founder and BFF Leo the corgi

"I think Leo would look dashing wearing these colours. Also, he loves long walks so he needs something to keep him warm during the Winter months. My fellow corgi friend also likes to swim and bathe in mud so the fact that the jumper is machine washable would definitely be a plus! I'm sure his mummy would appreciate it too"

7. The Inca blue bow tie, £15, for Rigby from 'All Four Paws'.

Marcel and his humans met Rigby recently and he wears lovely bow ties! " I would love to gift this cool style with South American vibes to him so that he looks extra dapper when doing his Rigby Reviews in restaurants and hotels."

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