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Team Top Picks | September

Team Top Picks | September

We think we offer a pretty impressive range of products here at Hiro + Wolf, from our new colourful Wizard of Dog collection to our classic Shuka styles, there are plenty of products and designs to pick from. That is why we have decided to share our favourite items of the month with you all! Each month a different member of the team will pick out a few Hiro + Wolf products that they are particularly loving, helping you to narrow down your search and hopefully find your new favourites too! For September, Margate store assistant Leona will be sharing her top picks inspired by long sunny days spent in our seaside shop. 

Hiro on the beach wearing a Kaleidoscope bandana, harness and lead


This month I have been absolutely loving our Kaleidoscope print! The vibrant pink, mint and lavender colours are perfectly on trend this summer and just so happen to match most of the outfits I have been wearing. The fun, psychedelic pattern means there's always an exciting new detail to discover - I could happily look at this fabric for hours on end! I find the bright colours work particularly well for cats and dogs with darker fur, which is a big plus for me as both my dog Rogue and cat Oscar have black fur which helps the colours to pop. 

Mint leather heart shaped poo bag holder clipped onto a pink and blue lead


I think one of our most useful products for dogs is undoubtedly our poo bag pouches! Our poo bag pouches are handmade from leathers that match our leads and collars, meaning you can take your coordination to the max. They are so handy if, like me, you always find yourself scrabbling about in your pockets or bag for loose poo bags as they keep them neat and tidy, and looking stylish! I recommend keeping one clipped onto your lead so you know you always have a bag handy when you need one. My particular favourite is the heart shaped pouch in mint as it matches perfectly with the Kaleidoscope print. 

Magic star cat toy


Our Magic Star Catnip Cat Toy is the real star of our new Wizard Of Dog toy range for me! Pink and yellow are my absolute favourite colour combination and the silver sparkles really do make this toy look magical. The crochet texture is perfect for cats that like to chew and the bouncy string makes play time extra fun. Our cat toys are made by hand by the wonderful Cheyenne and you can really tell each toy is made with love. You can read our interview with Cheyenne here if you'd like to know more about the making of these beautiful toys. 

4 Collars in a row with coordinating pet tags


My number 1 pick for September has to be our new pet tags! Made by our friends at fellow local business HoobyNoo, these colourful tags match perfectly to our original designs. I also love mix and matching them with different print collars to create a super fun, unique look. The tags come in a range of sizes to suit any pet from the smallest kitten to the largest Husky and they are also completely customisation on the back, meaning you can have whatever information you prefer put onto your pet tag. 


We hope you got some shopping inspiration from Leona's top picks this month and look forward to more Team Top Picks in the future! What is your favourite Hiro + Wolf product this month? Don't forget to tag us in your pictures over on Instagram @hiroandwolf and use the hashtag #wearshiroandwolf and show us what products you are loving! 

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