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Why Should I Choose Organic Pet Food? | Organic September

Why Should I Choose Organic Pet Food? | Organic September

Have you ever wondered "what even is organic food?” Why should I eat organic? Why should I buy organic pet food, my pet can’t tell the difference?!" Well, we're here to give you the lowdown and help you choose if organic is right for you & your pet! 


So what is organic? According to the Soil Association"Organic is a system of farming and food production. Organic farmers aim to produce high-quality food, using methods that benefit our whole food system, from people to planet, plant health to animal welfare." Organic farmers must work to a rigorous set of standards, which legally comply with strict EU regulation, to ensure that their farms sustain the health of 4 main groups; soils, ecosystems, animals & people. Certification is legally required to grow, process or market organic products, and all organic farms and companies are inspected by a certification body, at least once a year. This means when you see the organic symbol, you can trust that the food and drink you buy has been made in a way that strictly complies to organic practices, whether it is for human or animal consumption. 


So why choose organic pet food? There's a number of reasons that many pet owner's choose to feed their pet organic food, including;

It's better for the environment. Organic farming is good for nature as it does not use artificial fertilisers and synthetic pesticides which are both damaging to the environment. Organic farmlands naturally attract more bees, birds, plants and butterflies, increasing biodiversity. A conventional farm can use hundreds of different pesticides, killing off insect populations and spreading chemicals onto the produce they're growing. On an organic farm, only very few, carefully-selected, natural pesticides may be used. This also means there’s no chance the farm will not pollute waterways or the local environment. 

It's better for animals. Organic farmers generally take better care of their livestock, ensuring that all of them receive nutritious, organic feed and have the time to grow up in more spacious and sunlit areas. Animals on organic farms can go outside, which animals on non-organic farms usually cannot. Organic farmers also take preventive measures to make sure their animals don’t get sick. Because of this approach, animals need fewer antibiotics and other medicines, which helps ensure the meat they produce is free of harmful substances. Organic meat is more nutrient-rich (it contains more vitamins and minerals) and is easier to digest.

It's better for your pets quality of life. Just as the quality of your diet affects the quality of your life, what you feed your pet will have a direct impact on how they look, feel, and act. By feeding your cat or dog organic food you can help to ensure your pet lives a long, happy and healthy life. Of course, it is only one factor in an overall healthy lifestyle, but it is one that you can help your pet enjoy. Some of the results of eating an organic diet for your pet can include; a shinier coat, increased energy to run and play, maintaining a healthy weight and a stronger immune system. All of these factors can maximise your pet's life expectancy and quality of life, well into old age. 


Some pet food brands with organic food options for cats & dogs that we love are Edgard & Cooper, Scrumbles & Lily's Kitchen

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