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As temperatures drop and another English winter begins to set in, it’s important to know how to keep your pets cosy and comfortable. For us humans, it can be as easy as throwing on a coat and mittens, but our furry friends don’t have that luxury. Remembering to take the right steps during harsh weather can be crucial for your dog or cat’s safety, so we’ve compiled a list of experts’ top tips and tricks to tackle the cold.


For Dogs:

Some breeds as well as dogs of different ages may need more attention and care during the winter months than others, but these tips are applicable to all canine companions.

1/ Keep them inside. Of course, regular walks and potty-breaks are a must, but leaving your dog outside unattended or for long periods of time can be detrimental to their wellbeing. To avoid hypothermia and frostbite, keep your pup outside for as little time as possible, and make sure to properly dress them for the weather if necessary.

2/ Dress to impress. Now, your pet doesn’t actually need to look fashionable (although we have a collection of very stylish dog jumpers here), but fitting them with a doggie jumper can be a huge factor in keeping them warm. Dog breeds with shorter coats, such as Chihuahuas, Dobermans, and Greyhounds, will be more highly susceptible to the lower temperatures. Remembering to put on their cosy jumper before a walk will greatly improve their comfort and help maintain a normal body temperature.

3/ Keep an eye on their paws. If you think it’s cold outside, imagine walking around without shoes! If you see your pup lifting their paws, hesitating, or whining on walks, it may be a sign that their feet are too cold and that it’s time to go inside. Purchasing doggie booties is one way to avoid frostbite. Salted roads and paths may also irritate sensitive paws, so a good paw wash after a walk will help avoid any further discomfort.


FOR CATS? Want to know how to keep your kitty cosy and comfortable this Winter? Read our blog post here.


Words by Madeleine Caldeira. Photo by Ben Broomfield, Millie wears our Combs Dog Jumper in XL.


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