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Tips to Keep Your Cat Warm in the Winter

Tips to Keep Your Cat Warm in the Winter

Even if your cat prefers the comfort of the indoors, these tips can help keep your feline safe and happy all winter long.


1/ One of the most common sources of danger for cats during the colder months is accessibility to vehicles. Outdoor cats like to snuggle up near warm car engines, which can have serious consequences. By keeping your kitty inside with a cozy place to cat nap, you can prevent them from searching for alternative shelter. Make sure your cat is microchipped as well, just in case it does decide to wander.

2/ Create a warm place for them to sleep. Whether this means moving their bed into areas with sunlight and minimal drafts or purchasing a specialised heated cat bed, this will keep your kitty away from potentially unsafe sources of heat. Warm napping areas and heated beds are also beneficial to older kitties with arthritis. Make sure that the napping space you are creating is safe, and that your cat is able to exit this area if it desires - cats have extremely sensitive skin that can be burned easily if they become overexposed to heat. Avoid placing beds and litter boxes in colder areas of the house such as the garage or basement.

3/ Keep the blood flowing. By scheduling daily indoor activity time for your cat, you’ll be helping them to maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing and get their muscles moving. Keeping your kitty in shape will help them to ward off any ailments, and increasing their cardio will help keep them warm and fend off the cold. Interactive play time, or play time involving moving toys and you, the owner, are the most beneficial.

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Words by Madeleine Caldeira. Photo by @picturesque.pineapple


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